What shall I bring to the Red Tent?

There is not much that you need to bring to the circle. Mostly I will ask to bring a blanket and cushion to make yourself comfortable, and to bring a plate of food to share after the circle. Many circle leaders suggest to dress up a little, to make yourself feel extra feminine, and especially to wear a long skirt. The reason for that is that several old traditions of women’s wisdom explain that a long skirt allows for an easier energetic connection to the earth. I personally love skirts, but I think that the most important part is that each woman feels her most authentic and comfortable.

You can also bring personal items and offerings for the altar, which will be set up for the circle, such as pictures, stones and crystals (that will be charged with the energy of the circle), flowers, feathers, seeds and shells to represent and honor the natural elements and spirits. Bring whatever you feel like and let your intuition guide you!


Author: tarantjel

I am an artist and a dancer. I guide Red Tent Women's Circles and Body Awareness classes. I believe in the power and beauty of sisterhood, the blood mysteries, and the creative force of the womb.

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