Why is it only for Women?

The Red Tent was traditionally connected to women’s moon time, their menstruation. This is one of the reasons why it is kept exclusive and why it was considered mystical and unspeakable in our male oriented society. The moon time is a time in our cycle where we naturally seek more solitude, we may not be as open and expressive as usual, and may not want to have to much contact to other people. In the Red Tent we honor this time of retreat and provide a safe space, away from everyday tasks and the demands of the outside world. It is a place for women to go inside, nurture themselves, and talk about emotions and the things that don’t have a place in our modern world.


How can I participate in the Red Tent?

To participate in the Red Tent Circle, the only thing you need as a woman is to have passed your first menstruation. It is not important if a woman still has her moon time or if she passed the time of actively menstruating. It also doesn’t matter if she has her ovaries and uterus, if she has children or not. The Red Tent is open to women of all ages and will profit most from diversity.

Each woman can participate as much as she wants and bring herself and her unique story into the circle. This circle is not about any special skills or knowledge, but welcomes everything a woman has to offer. As we are all reflections of each other, whatever will come up in the circle will help everyone in their own personal development. The willingness to listen, to open up, and to reflect about yourself are the main requisites for our circles.

Occasionally we may invite a sister to share her special skills or secret knowledge, we may organize workshops on certain topics, or share healing arts. The circle lives through the variety of voices that come to speak their truth and tell their unique story.

What shall I bring to the Red Tent?

There is not much that you need to bring to the circle. Mostly I will ask to bring a blanket and cushion to make yourself comfortable, and to bring a plate of food to share after the circle. Many circle leaders suggest to dress up a little, to make yourself feel extra feminine, and especially to wear a long skirt. The reason for that is that several old traditions of women’s wisdom explain that a long skirt allows for an easier energetic connection to the earth. I personally love skirts, but I think that the most important part is that each woman feels her most authentic and comfortable.

You can also bring personal items and offerings for the altar, which will be set up for the circle, such as pictures, stones and crystals (that will be charged with the energy of the circle), flowers, feathers, seeds and shells to represent and honor the natural elements and spirits. Bring whatever you feel like and let your intuition guide you!

Welcome to the Red Tent!

Welcome to my Red Tent, a space where women can gather and explore their Inner Moon Wisdom.

We will celebrate the next Red Tent Women’s Circle with the Moon in Virgo on Sunday October 22nd, 11 am to 1 pm at Bikram Yoga Lake County, for more information see the article: October 22, Red Tent in Libra

What is a Red Tent Women’s Circle?

Why is it only for women?

How can I participate in the Red Tent Women’s Circle?

What shall I bring to the Red Tent Women’s Circle?

If you have any other questions concerning my Red Tent Women’s Circles, please feel free to ask!